Trail Riding Adventures

Welcome to Spirit Reins Ranch Trail Riding Adventures

Thank you for visiting Spirit Reins Ranch! A trail ride through this mountainous coastal region is sure to be an experience you won’t forget. We offer a range of unique trail ride adventures, choose by duration or location, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
All guests will be given an introductory orientation to safe horse
care and handling before every trail ride to equip them with the 
necessary tools and safety measures in handling a horse safely
 and humanely.
Please note that tours are tailored to the guest’s riding level and ability.
The maximum number of guests we can take is 5 if they are experienced and confidant riders. For less experienced or beginner guests we can take 2 or 3 riders on the trail. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult and all trail rides are lead by the instructor.

Due to the nature of our small business please email or call for reservations at least one week in advance.

Novice/Beginner: Has ridden a horse 0-5 times, 0-3 riding lessons, no formal shows or competitions.
Intermediate: Has ridden a horse consistently for over a year, more than 4 lessons, competed in shows or events.
Advanced: Has ridden more than 3 years consistently, has obtained rider levels through Provincial Equestrian Federation or competed for more than 2 years in shows or events.

Please contact us for more information and details on riding abilities.

The riding instructor is a certified Western Rider Level 
4 under Equine Canada and the Nova Scotia Equestrian 
Federation. As current
 members of Equine 
Canada we adhere to safety policies and practices set out by the Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation. Custom trail riding packages can be arranged in advance 
which can include an overnight camping package, as well as 
birthday packages, groups and/or special events.

Cancellation Policy
Please allow 72 hours notice for cancellations on all pre-booked trail rides. A deposit of 25% is required to confirm your booking on rides over one hour in length. Sudden weather and terrain differences may cause changes in your trail ride experience.

WE NOW ACCEPT MAJOR CREDIT CARDS (All prices are subject to 15% HST provincial sales tax)


 **NEW** Wards Falls Trail

Our newest adventure is an 8 km ride along a meandering brook through a wooded trail in Wards Brook valley. Take in the sounds of nature deep in the woods as you follow the mountain river to Wards Falls. This area is rich in geographical and geological significance. The canyon gorge shows rock formations that are evidence of Pangaea and the continental drift, that occurred over 300 million years ago. At the falls we will stop for a break, where you will have a picnic lunch and plenty of time to explore the sights of the waterfall and canyon gorge.

Fee (2.5 – 3 Hours) $130 per person or $120 each for two or more people.


You will be guided on horseback through pasture land across a
 river and up to the crest of blueberry hills where you will rest
 for a period to enjoy a stunning view of the mountains and
 surrounding farm lands. You will resume riding on a wooded trail
 where you may see a variety of wildlife such as deer, partridge, 
fox, beaver and bald eagles. Length of ride approximately one
hour. Or you can choose a ride along an old railway
 track, and loop back along a river, through a hay field and
 cross the river into pasture land. Length of ride approximately
 1 hour.

Fee (1 hour) $50 for one person or $45 each for two or more people. 10518017_10154332198385483_3581763889099242720_n


Guides will take you past farmland through wooded trails to 
the beaches of the Bay of Fundy. You will ride along the beach 
or let your horse trot in the salt water as you breathe in the
 sea air and take in the spectacular sights of one of the most
 beautiful natural landscapes in the province! Healthy lunch will 
be provided (please specify if you have food allergies or special 
dietary needs). Length of ride approximately 4 – 4.5 hours.

Fee (4 – 4.5 hours) $160 for one person or $145 each for two or more people. 406296_10150909478526073_1765475236_nDue to high demand we have added a customized shorter ride for those who wish to ride along the beach, but do not want to ride 4-5 hours. We will trailer the horses to the halfway point and ride an hour through wooded trails to the beach!

Fee (2 hours) $110 per person.


You will meet at the Ranch and accompany your guides and 
the horses to Wasson Bluff. This is the famous fossil site 
where 200 million year old dinosaur fossils were discovered!
 You will begin your ride on the beach at the protected
 fossil site where geologists and paleontologists may be
 actively digging! We will schedule your ride at low tide and 
you can ride your horse along the floor of the Minas Basin 
observing a variety of tidal creatures such as clams, crabs, 
shore birds and more! Take in the view of Two Islands and
 Five Islands as you cross Swan Creek Cove. Here you will 
take a snack break under the fossil cliffs while your horses 
rest. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Minas Basin and 
take pictures to your hearts delight! Length of ride approximately 2.5 hours.

Fee (2.5 hours) $120 for one person or $110 each for two or more people. 10421394_10154295802695483_3393227937794843034_n