Meet Our Horses


Belladonte “Bella”
b 2008
Pinto Mare, 14.2 hh
Bella is a barn favourite who loves attention, she is quiet on trail rides and great for beginner to advanced riders.


b 1997
Arab Quarter Horse Gelding, 14.3 hh
Blaze is a friendly spirited horse, he is fun for  summer camps and lessons in our arena. Blaze is best suited with intermediate to advanced riders out on the trail.


Hemi Uvani Douce “PJ
b 1994
Registered Canadian Mare, 14.3 hh
PJ is a retired brood mare with lots of personality, she is very gentle and calm. PJ does lessons in our arena, enjoys trail rides and is great for beginner riders.

MikaTyree’s Little Bear “Mika”
b 2005
Registered Buckskin Mare, 14.2 hh
Mika is a finished reining and penning horse used for shows, competitions and trail rides. Ridden by owner/operator Karen Yorke Gilbert

Rick James

Fortin Dongka Riki “Rick James
b 2005
Registered Canadian Gelding, 14.2 hh
Rick James is owned by April Watson, past president of The Canadian Horse Breeders Atlantic District, he is on lease to Spirit Reins Ranch for the trail and show season. Rick James is a well trained jumper and show horse, he also enjoys trail rides and is great for beginner riders.


b 2001
Canadian Morgan Cross Gelding, 14.3 hh
Trigger is a real character who likes attention and being groomed. He is great for lessons and loves trail rides. Trigger is best suited for intermediate to advanced riders.

jasperRR Freckles Seeker “Jasper
b 2006
Registered Buckskin Gelding 15.1 hh
Jasper is a ranch horse from Saskatchewan. Brand new to the ranch this year, he is often the lead trail horse as well as competing in cattle penning and sorting. Jasper is ridden by head trail guide and barn manager Bill Gilbert.


Scotia Brulot Willow “Willow
b 2009
Registered Canadian Mare, 15.1 hh
Willow is a bit of a diva, she loves cattle penning trail rides and shows! She is sometimes the “trail boss” but can be ridden by intermediate to advanced riders on trails. Willow is owned by Karen Yorke-Gilbert.